Local author’s new book targets the challenges of Alzheimer’s
By CBS 12 NewsMarch 29, 2017


A s the only member of his family to break out of the refugee culture of the Mariel Boatlift arrivals in the U.S., Jorge Gonzalez is the pride of his community. However, his successful career as a CPA is trashed when a client diverts hundreds of millions of dollars from his business in a sophisticated financial scheme, fakes his own death, and prepares to leave the country to join the money he has stolen. With the help of his romantic interest, Jorge searches for the thief concurrently with a mob boss who has also uncovered the fraud. The contest is on—who will find the bad guy first and how will it resolve? Set in South Florida during the 2008 monetary crisis, Career delves into the financial world where Adam Schaeffer manages to use a complex series of derivatives to divert hundreds of millions in pension fund monies to his personal European accounts. As the innocent victim of Schaeffer’s crime, Jorge Gonzalez is left to fend for himself with the help a beautiful Jewish girl to catch his nemesis and bring him to justice before an organized crime boss can intercede. This page-turning story is sprinkled with colorful characters, ranging from an island vagabond to a Vietnam veteran.

About Career

"Thoroughly developed characters drive this well-conceived financial tale. At the same time, nail-biting scenes abound. ”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Career gives readers an exciting glimpse into the fast-paced, high-risk world of finance, from a carefully researched ‘insider’s’ perspective. The author also offers a fresh insights on the age-old familial issues that accompany cross-cultural romances. An exciting and suspenseful adventure, I highly recommend this book to readers of all genres.”

—Jeffrey L. Rodengen, Best-selling author, Historian, Chairman and CEO Write Stuff Enterprises

“Dick Schmidt’s latest novel, Career, is a thrilling page turner with non-stop action, engaging characters, and an attention to detail and locales that really bring the story to life. Caught up in the adventure, I could not put the book down. An engrossing, delightful read from start to finish.”

—Dolores Sukhdeo, President and CEO, South Florida PBS

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