Memory Road

The Boy and the Dolphin
January 30, 2017

Memory Road

A fter serving his country with distinction as a senior officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, Stewart Masterson is rewarded with detention in an assisted living facility by a government agency concerned with his advancing Alzheimer’s disease. Longing for his late wife of forty-seven years, Masterson makes his getaway from the facility and finds himself on the road with limited resources, trying to negotiate his way from Florida to his daughter in Maryland, the only place where he feels he can find happiness and relevance. With three U.S. government agencies and the intelligence arms of unfriendly countries in hot pursuit, Masterson relies on a lifetime of training instincts to avoid recapture, proving he has a lot more on the ball than his pursuers had expected. His northward travels up U.S. Route 1 lead him from one adventure to another until the inevitable conclusion when his fate will be decided by who finds him first and how he responds. This charming, suspenseful, and sometimes ironically humorous story gives us a glimpse into a world that is far more relevant to the brave individuals facing personal limitations than we could possibly imagine.

About Memory Road

"Dick Schmidt’s book Memory Road is a fascinating, page-turning story about one man’s journey to find home. Masterson is a relatable character who, despite personal challenges and dangerous obstacles, perseveres toward his final destination with the help, or hindrance, of an interesting cast of characters. Dick puts a relatable human perspective on the challenges faced by those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and drives home the importance of treating people with respect and consideration. I appreciate him for representing the Alzheimer’s community with so much humanity in this work.”

—Jim Nantz, CBS Sports, Founder, Nantz National Alzheimer Center

“What an enjoyable read! Memory Road is cleverly crafted with a timely plot involving believable characters and real-life challenges. The story follows a retired CIA agent’s quest for home as he battles his most formidable enemy—himself. Schmidt has written a compelling human story that, instead of focusing on disability, accurately high­lights compassion and capabilities.”

—James E. Galvin, MD, MPH, Neuroscientist

The CIA wants him silenced. The Russians want his secrets. Mossad wants him dead. A retired agent on the run, battling Alzheimer’s, wants to get home.